Fire Extinguishers & Alarms

Fire Extinguishers

Every year we supply firefighting media, alarms and signage to numerous music festivals, food festivals, Major Horse shows and Game & Country shows across the country.

With there being different types of fire extinguishers be sure to know which ones you require for your event to make sure you meet the current fire Regulatory Reform.

With a stock of hundreds of fire extinguishers, we are able to provide a tailored quote for extinguisher hire to any indoor or outdoor event.

We will work with you or your Health and Safety Officer to assess how many extinguishers you actually require and what type of firefighting media they need to be.

We are able to supply

  • Water
  • Foam
  • Dry Powder
  • Co2
  • Wet Chemical
  • Fire Blankets

Its not only fire extinguishers we hire, we also have numerous accessories.

  • Fire point signage
  • Fire Buckets with sand
  • Fire extinguisher stands and trollies

Firefighting Trolleys

Our Firefighting trollies come complete with a fixed fire alarm and 2 fire extinguishers of your choice. 

Having the ability to move these trollies easily and quickly makes them ideal for event site car parks, stables, or even at commercial building sites.  They can be located almost anywhere and still be visible as a fire point. 



For the larger events where there are numerous temporary structures, be sure to have an alarm system in place to give that early warning to any fire in the structure.

We can supply hard wired and wireless fire alarm systems to temporary structures. We currently supply these to numerous major events we provide a full fire safety cover package to.

We can arrange a courier to collect from our Unit or we can deliver to site and even set out the fire points across your site.

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