Industrial Fire Safety

Industrial Fire Safety

Does your site pose a high fire risk or maybe your taking your fire suppression systems offline for upgrade/ maintenance? Either way, we can be part of the solution that keeps your business in safe hands and running as normal.

We’ve provided fire safety cover to power stations, robotic parcel packing warehouses and food preparation factories all whilst they maintained fully functional and operating for business. 

We can supply resources to standby for :

  • Hot Works / Fire Watch
  • Maintenance on firefighting Systems (Sprinklers, Dry / Wet Risers, Alarm systems) 
  • High risk Commercial / Industrial sites (Lithium Ion Batteries)
  • Demolition & Dust Suppression
  • High Risk Product / Production Testing 
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We will work alongside your engineering team or principle contractor to formulate a response plan to any emergency involving fire or rescue.

As standard practice our crews will carry out the below.
·         Actively patrol your site.
·         Carrying out periodic fire safety checks 
·         Fire Extinguisher Maintenance / Servicing
·         Installation / Servicing of Temporary Fire alarm Systems 
·         Hazard reporting utilising our own portal system

Our management team and experienced crews ensure we can cater for all your needs.
We have a modern Fleet of vehicles suitable for different levels of fire cover dependant on the site and the risks it poses. This could be anything from a single firefighter acting as a fire marshal to providing a temporary fire station with multiple fire appliances and water carriers crewed by professional firefighters 24/7.

We will assist the local fire authority with pre planning site visits and emergency procedures during the works to ensure they are familiar with the site should an incident occur requiring their assistance.

For more information on how we can assist you please Contact Us 

Fire Marshals

Whether your looking for a fire marshal for a product launch, a night club or a 24 hour waking watch on a high rise premises, we can assist you.

Over the years we have supplied fire marshal services to numerous large sporting events, TV studios, festivals, product launches and even private members clubs.

Our fire marshals have been present at some high profile product launches in London’s west end to large scale sporting events such as the Glasgow Common Wealth games. 

Our fire marshals will arrive in our standard branded workwear or for those high profile events we can ensure they are dressed formally and discreetly upon request. 

We pride ourselves on only supplying serving firefighters, which gives our clients that extra piece of mind that they are in good hands. Our staff are professionals that react calm and proactively to highly stressful situations, They are well versed in evacuations, roll calls and of course putting out fires. 

Benefits of having a fire marshal 

  • A responsible person to ensure all escape routes and exits are clear.
  • ensure all firefighting equipment and alarm systems are in working order.
  • Identify hazards and report the findings. Assist in rectifying the hazard if practicable.
  • Dedicated responsible person to investigate any alarm actuation and initiate the evacuation of the premises if required.
  • Attempt to extinguish any fire situation if safe to do so.
  • Dedicated person to carry out a roll call at the assembly point to ensure all persons are accounted for. 
  • Dedicated single point of contact for the fire service. 

For more information on how we can assist you please contact us 

Waking Watch

With the increase of high rise buildings having ACM style cladding on them, Building owners are employing fire marshals to protect their properties by having them on proactive patrols 24hr hours a day known as a “waking watch” 

We can supply a waking watch to any building with our professional firefighters working as fire marshals. 

We will work with the building management company in devising an emergency evacuation plan, identify any risks within the building and any residents that are vulnerable or that may require extra assistance in leaving the building in the event of a fire or mass evacuation. 

If you require a fire marshal, “waking watch” or would just like some advice on whether you require one, Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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