Our Vehicles

4×4 Response Unit
Our 4×4 vehicles and Small Fires Units have been purpose built to our specification. They are ideal for off road terrain or smaller sets where our larger fire appliances can’t access.
They carry a state of the art fire fogging system, which is a high pressure pump that is designed to consume less water but has a greater knock down effect, whilst also having the capability to produce foam. The vehicles can be driven whilst the fire fogging pump is in use. They carry various fire extinguishers, hand tools, breaking in gear and a trauma bag, amongst other equipment. Hydraulic and battery cutting gear can be carried upon request.
Fire Appliance Units






These vehicles carry 1800 litres of water and are fitted with a 1000gpm pump. The vehicles are equipped with two hose reels and 70mm and 45mm lay-flat hose. They also carry a full complement of ladders, 4 Breathing Apparatus sets, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Water Rescue kit, Positive Pressure Fan, breaking in gear, a trauma bag and spill kits. They also carry full RTC extrication equipment, including Hydraulic and battery cutting gear.
 Water Tankers


We have 10,000 and 16,000 litre tankers available for hire to increase our fire cover capabilities or to provide water for set wet downs and rain water effects. The tankers can be driven whilst the pump is in use and can also have spray bars fitted upon request.


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