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Fire Safety Cover

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Rapid Fire Cover specialise in supplying fire fighters and fire appliances for special effects cover on fire scenes and explosions.
We do this by using the latest Breathing Apparatus equipment, Thermal Imaging Cameras and High Pressure Fans, amongst our own purpose made equipment.
Our vehicles are also equipped with specialist hydraulic cutting and rescue equipment to cover car stunts and related sequences.
We will advise on the level of cover that is required for your stunt and carry out a full risk assessment.

We are also happy to provide fire appliances and bowers for set wet downs and rain water effects.


In Vision 

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Whether you require a single firefighter to walk past the camera or multiple fire appliances and firefighters for an action packed scene, you can rest assured we can help you achieve your desired footage. We have supplied firefighters and fire appliances for in vision elements to well known productions such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and Hollyoaks for many years.

Our modern vehicles and professional firefighters don’t look out of place in any production. We can supply male or female firefighters, specific equipment, specialist fire appliances, props and uniform hire. Vehicles and uniforms can be dressed to suit a specific fire brigade or county if required.

We can also train your artists on a particular firefighting role they may be carrying out to ensure the fire service is accurately depicted in your production.



Take a look at our showreel of some of our previous work ….

Rapid Fire Cover Showreel.

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Fire Brigade Advisers 

To create that perfect realistic scene, why not supply your production with a fire brigade advisers. Our Advisers have a wealth of experience in the fire service and can help your director capture the dramatic yet realistic image of the fire service in action! They can also help with technical details of the script just to add that extra element of realism to your scene.

Health & Safety

We understand that there is a need to get the desired footage, but there cannot be a compromise to anybody’s safety. Rapid Fire Cover can provide both health and safety and technical advisers to implement control measures and ensure the safety of your cast and crew is not compromised whilst achieving the best footage possible.

We are fully qualified and insured to write risk assessments and safe systems of work and can advise on what types and amount of cover are required, thus reducing the burden on the producer.

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