Wet Downs & Water Tankers

Wet Downs & Water Tankers

If you require large volumes of water to create a rain scene, a wet down or even if your filling a swimming pool, we can assist your production. 

We have a fleet of water tankers capable of carrying between 10,000 – 16,000 litres of water at our disposal. All our tankers are fitted with 2 lightweight pumps just in case the inevitable happens and one pump becomes faulty, we can still deliver water using the other pump as to not cause any delays in filming. Our tankers are fitted with bespoke rear platforms, rear mounted rain bars and capable of pumping water whilst on the move making them the ideal vehicle of choice for wet downs on roads or runways.

Our tankers will arrive on set full of water, once parked up we can be delivering water within 60seconds!

We work with many of the industries SFX teams for wet downs and rain effects. We can liaise with the SFX Coordinator or SFX Supervisor directly as to what their requirements are, saving your production manager precious time going back and forth between us and the SFX team. 

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